Cantonese for non-Chinese Speakers

Course Details:

This is a series of courses to provide non-Chinese speakers who are interested in communicating in Cantonese and understand more in the culture behind the language.

Class time: Wed and Fri 9:00-10:30 am

Total sessions: 12

Class size: 6 students

Date: 11th Aug-17th Sep

Material: Customized learning materials will be distributed by Miss Kini

Start learning with Cantonese Romanization system and the basic six tone. Vocabulary will be introduced through different daily life topics, supplement with grammar and exercises to help students master basic sentences and have some small talk.


  • Greeting and self-introduction
  • Number, time and date
  • Public transports and ask for directions
  • Shopping, prices and bargaining
  • Leisure and daily routines (daily life activites)
  • Eating out (food ordering)
  • Introduce family member and work
  • Vacation (Talking about weekends, holidays)
  • Asking for a favor and permission

Grammar and Pronunciation

  • Identify tones
  • Sentence structure and order
  • Use of final particles

Class hours: 36 hours

For students who want to do further study in Cantonese, this course introduce more situational topics of vocabulary and use of slangs in order to improve oral ability, increase understanding of the culture and to communicate more complex ideas for social purpose.


  • Describe neighborhood and environment
  • Comparing things and giving opinions
  • Describing weather
  • Talking about illnesses
  • Describing people (body shape)
  • Office conversation
  • Gossip (talk about person’s character)
  • Festival (Talking about experiences and tradition of festival celebration)

(~40 hours)

Company topics:

This topic is specially designed for the corporate clients. The relevant terms of the company’s professional needs, can be customized in the course. For example, the expression of the company’s various departments, company profiles, product introduction etc in Cantonese or Mandarin.

(Related information needs to be provided by customers in advance)



Kini is a fantastic language tutor, and make my life in HK much easier. She is well prepared in every class and workshop for a small group. I am particularly grateful for her efforts to tailor-made the teaching topics to cater my situations. I would recommend her program to anyone who newly moved to HK as Cantonese is so essential in day to day life as well as in workplace.

Ricky Zhang

Kini is well-experienced and kind Mandarin teacher. When I learned Mandarin from Kini three years ago, she prepared every class in detail. She can teach either in Mandarin or in English. Thanks to her, I could pass HSK exam without difficulty. In addition, she understands how important to keep time. She is flexible to change the place and time per my request.

Richard (Hyoil) Moon


Kai Xian Lu

I was once a student in HKU Space, I studied and learned Intermediate Cantonese under the tutelage of Kini’s teaching.It was really a novice in this wonderful language prior to this lesson. I can confidently testify that this lesson upgraded me tremendously in every capacity of my cognitive reason in terms of language ability. I am really grateful to Kini for the perserverance, enthusiasm and tactfulness she demonstrates throughout the course.

Darlington Torino

I really enjoyed my Mandarin class with her! I learned a lot during the class and she  worked the out upon my needs. And I appreciated the nice working atmosphere. I highly recommend her for Private Mandarin class.

Kathrin Naber