Interesting Cantonese

This “Interesting Cantonese Series” is written by by Susanna Ng. Completed with English Entries, Romanized Transcriptions (Yale) and Chinese Characters. There are  five books in the series. The focus of each book is different.
Book 1:Interesting Cantonese For Beginner & Intermediate level

Book 1 is about the beginner level of basic Cantonese. It teaches 3000 most common words and sentence examples which is practical and systematic.
Book 2: Interesting Cantonese 2 For Intermediate & Advanced level
Book 2 focus on vocabulary which is divided into different categories, includes household wares, clothing, and measure words etc.
Book 3: Interesting Cantonese 3 Speak Fluent and Elegant Cantonese
Book 3 is intermediate level. This book covers about Cantonese verbs ,adjectives, conjunctions and grammar builders etc.
Book 4: Interesting Cantonese 4 Slang and idioms
Book 4 focus on slang and colloquialisms.
Book 5: Interesting Cantonese 5 Local & World News
Book 5 is for the advanced Cantonese learners, the content cover many Hong Kong and world news, including a large number of spoken and formal written Cantonese vocabulary.
In summary, the main feature of this series of textbooks is that not much grammatical explanations inside. The textbook teaches you how to use the vocabulary by giving a list of example sentences, i.e. learn from the context. If the learners like to learn Cantonese naturally with the use of CD attached in the textbook. This teaching approach is very different from other Cantonese textbooks in the market.
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