One of the obstacles in speaking a foreign language is that we cannot find a word suddenly to express ourselves. Whether learners’ first language is Chinese or English, they are having the same obstacle.

Memorizing new words and to increase our vocabulary bank is always challenging, how to do that?

1. Even if no one speaks Cantonese to you, try to immerse yourself in the Cantonese environment.

Listen to more radio programs, or install some Podcasts on your phone.

Channel for listening:

Naked Cantonese

Himalaya app Cantonese Podcast

2. Try to search some Cantonese program that you are interested to watch, with some daily life topics like cooking and sports.

For example, Youtube channel on teaching how to cook Cantonese dishes (with English subtitles):

Annie’s Mini Kitchen

3. After exposing yourself to Cantonese, always use a notebook to take down the words that new to you, look up the new word from the dictionary and write down the meaning. When you don’t know how to say something, write it down and look it up later. Build yourself vocabulary lists, divide them into different topics (weather, time, food, family, business, adjectives).  Make vocabulary flashcards by writing on to study.

Memorization is a huge part of learning any Chinese language. Make your own flashcard by writing the vocabulary on one side, on the back side write down the meaning and make an example sentence. Memorizing a new vocabulary is effective when it is used in a meaningful context. For example, the adjective, dak1ji3 cute. You can make a sentence to describe a kid or a pet. 

Ngo5 jau5 jat1zek3 maau1, keoi5 hou2 dak1ji3. (I have a cat, it is very cute)

Bring flashcards with you so that you can study while you wait in line, while you eat, and while you’re taking public transportation.

There are some Cantonese flashcards to order online from Amazon

Cantonese Flashcards: 800 Important Cantonese-English and English-Cantonese Flash Cards Kindle Edition

Finally, learning a foreign language need patience, perseverance, try hard and keep doing it, add oil!