The Opening…

Miss Kini 嘅廣東話網頁已經面世咗一段時間喇! 我未開始教廣東話之前,其實係學對外漢語,教外國人講普通話,但係後來喺教學工作機會上,接觸到好多有興趣學廣東話嘅居港韓國人,就開始教自己最熟悉嘅母語,廣東話喇,喺Blog嘅部分,我希望可以有條理咁分享廣東話嘅學習方法,文化同講解詞語等等資源,方便自己同學生。


If you use English in Hong Kong, it is definitely no problem when you communicate with most of the people here. However, if you want to get more familiar with Hong Kong and get along with Hong Kong people, you can definitely need to learn Cantonese. Miss Kini

studied the Master of Teaching Chinese as a second language, intended to teach Mandarin. However, later on, there were some Koreans living in Hong Kong looking for language tutors to teach them Cantonese. Since that time, I began to teach my mother tongue, Cantonese. In this blog, I hope that I can share the Cantonese culture and study resources to assist students to increase their interest and knowledge in Cantonese.