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Cantonese is a dialect of Chinese language originating from the city of Guangzhou (also known as Canton) and, Guangxi, Hong Kong, and Macau. It is also largely spoken by overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Singapore), and in Western countries with about 80 million native speakers around the world.

Speaking Cantonese is an element of identity to mark people’s difference from the Mandarin speakers. Being able to speak Cantonese can make you feel more like home in Hong Kong, as Cantonese is a dynamic language which can express emotion very lively.

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She specialises in teaching Cantonese language and culture, as well as teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language. The classes are in one-to-one, small group and also for corporate training in Hong Kong enterprises.

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Miss Kini Hui

Kini has the passion to share her cultural knowledge as a native Hong Kong citizen and help students to live as a part of community in Hong Kong.

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The flower of Canton 南國之花

March 31st, 2021|0 Comments

現在是春天時節,在香港的部分街頭,到處可以看到高高的木棉樹上盛放了紅棉。廣東省會廣州的市花就是木棉花。看到花開的景象,想起1980年代一首經典廣東歌《紅棉》,由羅文主唱。木棉樹,又叫「英雄樹」,因為跟其他樹木比較,木棉樹樹頂總是超過其它樹,如同一個大英雄一樣。 It is spring time, and in some streets of Hong Kong, you can see

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